Allen Moore, a graduate of Harvard University, has been producing, directing, photographing and editing his own documentaries for more than 30 years. Moore has served as a director of photography for numerous of Ken Burns’ films winning an Emmy for Baseball for cinematography, nominated for New York, and helping The National Parks: America’s Best Idea earn an Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Series. He also collaborated with Burns on The Civil War; Thomas Jefferson; Lewis and Clark and The War. Moore’s own independent films include: The Shepherds of Berneray; Black Water; A Sheepherder’s Homecoming and Albert Alcalay: Self Portraits. Among the honors awarded to Moore are several state artist fellowships and a Guggenheim Fellowship in Filmmaking. He is on the faculty of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where he was awarded a Trustee Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching Award.