Jon Reiss

Named one of “10 Digital Directors of Watch” by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss is a critically acclaimed filmmaker whose experience releasing his documentary feature, Bomb It with a hybrid strategy was the inspiration for writing Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution in the Digital Era, the first step-by-step guide for filmmakers to distribute and market their films. He co-wrote Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul and Selling Your Film in Europe. 

As a media strategist, Reiss has helped numerous filmmakers and companies navigate the new distribution and marketing landscape. He has worked with IFP, Paramount Studios, Screen Australia, Film Independent, Creative Scotland, and The South Australian Film Corporation. He has conducted his TOTBO Master Classes over four continents and is the year-round distribution and marketing lab leader at the IFP Filmmaker Labs. He also teaches at the Film Directing Program and Cal Arts and contributes to Filmmaker MagazineThe Huffington PostIndiewireScreen DailyMoviemaker magazine, and other publications.