The film features real and intimately portrayed doctor and patient encounters which reveal the often opposing desires for individual breast cancer treatment. Each character undergoes a different medical and personal experience with the loss of her breast and its reconstruction.

The no nonsense breast surgeon Lauren Schnaper struggles with her patients’ emotional decision to rid themselves of their breasts immediately after a diagnosis with breast cancer. Debunking the cancer myth of early detection she warns her patients that “a mastectomy does not save your life,” and expresses her candid views of the “breast cancer awareness movement” which makes women fearful rather than educated about breast cancer.

For the gentle plastic surgeon and partner of Dr. Schnaper’s for many years, Dr. Sheri Slezak, the breast is a very subjective organ, and it’s as much a part of the treatment as the cancer itself. While she wants to prevent her patients from going for the “gold” instead of the “silver medal,” she cannot stop Doris's desire for a Full C.